Why to donate

Why are we doing this?

  • Financial aspect of Stem Cell treatments are a burden to the public since there are currently no rebates through the government or private health insurance.
  • We have the power to significantly improve peoples quality of life and relieve the burden of future disability. We just need to raise enough to fund clinical trials.

Therefore, we are reaching out to the public.

Our goals are to;

  • Raise awareness, so the public understands Stem cell Treatments.
  • Raise funding for Stem Cell Research
  • Utilise the funding to perform clinical trials
  • Make Stem Cell Treatments a part of common medicine with government rebates
  • We will accelerate the development of future medicine for Australian’s.


How much do we need to raise?

This is ongoing research, more funds we can raise, more research we can carry out.

Basic requirements are;

  • $2 million per randomized placebo controlled trial.
  • We will need to conduct multiple clinical trials in collaboration with universities for this treatment to become a part of common medicine.

if you are looking to become a patient and have your condition treated, please visit our treatment website