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Bullrush Rally Collaborated - Charity Gala Night (3rd Nov 2018)

Join Us In The Fight For Depression

Join Us In The Fight For Depression

Depression is often associated with a psychological disorder or a chemical imbalance in the brain that can be debilitating to life. However, new medical literature suggests there may be an inflammatory biological component that is a cause of depression.

Here at Macquarie Stem Cells, over the past 10 years we have focused our treatment and research around osteoarthritis. We have treated patients with many different comorbidities that has shown improvements. One of the most striking cases for us is when we observe patient’s physiological behaviour patterns changing. Significant examples include improvements in patient’s anxiety and depression patterns. Too many of us have been impacted by a relative or friend suffering from depression, depression that often carries the risk of suicide. 

if you are looking to become a patient and have your condition treated, please visit our treatment website