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Our Current Research

  • Osteoarthritis Clinical Trial

    We need to reduce unnecessary joint replacements. We can give back patient’s quality of life without removing your entire joint. Therefore, BISCRA is putting together a blinded placebo controlled clinical trial to treat osteoarthritis. Clinical trials is how medicine moves forward. We are confident our patients will see very good improvements. However, we need your donations to make this treatment a possibility for the entire Australian Public.

  • Inflammatory Depression Study

    Suicide… This is not a topic anyone enjoys discussing. BISCRA has found a pathway to potentially identify and cure a specific type of depression that may lead to suicide. We have need your help to confirm our initial findings with a pilot study.

    Then we will have the background information to start a clinical trial.

  • Test to identify patient response before treatment

    Will I respond to the is treatment? What improvements can I expect? We have extremely promising results based on biological markers to identify patient response prior to treatment. Everyone has the right to know if I medical treatment will work for them BEFORE receiving treatment and we can make this a reality.

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Osteoarthritis Research

With your help, we can remove the burden of Osteoarthritis and other illnesses from the Australian public.Please watch our fundraiser video below.

Thinking to Donate

1 Cell Relies Heavily On Donations, To Fund Its Services In Research And Development In The Treatment Of Osteoarthritis.

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There Are A Number Of Ways You Can Donate To Our Organisation And All Donations Over $2 Are Tax Deductible

if you are looking to become a patient and have your condition treated, please visit our treatment website